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Our patterns range from the popular Victorian styles to Edwardian, Art Deco and modern. You can choose to have your pattern laid either square or on the diagonal to provide a different impression for your house. We also have a range of modern patterns, particularly striking in bathrooms, that incorporate the tessellation of hexagonal tiles. We can also copy any pattern if you have a particular requirement.


Borders frame the tile pattern and give a finish to your floor. If an area is very narrow for example a border may not be appropriate and tiles can be laid just with a strip of contrast, or even just a filler tile. In most cases however a border gives your verandah that extra wow factor. Borders typically compliment the main pattern and can match in colour or tile shape.


Encaustics literally means ‘burning in’ of colours. Originally an inlay was made in a tile and then a pigment of a contrasting colour placed into this inlay before the tile was fired. The result was a patterned tile. Our encaustics are made using modern methods; and make a striking addition to your floor.


Traditional Victorian verandahs often used black slate and white Carrara marble in a chequerboard pattern. If you would like to explore this option, please contact us. Alternatively we can supply white Carrara marble and black Nero Marquina marble.


Traditional Moroccan zellige tiles are hand made and cut with a chisel, not a saw. They have a traditional terracotta base and either a natural surface or a colour glaze. These tiles have a rustic and uneven appearance, which adds character to floor and wall tiling. These tiles need to be sealed.


Our terracotta tiles are unglazed with a rustic  appearance. Many early Victorian verandahs were paved using these tiles in either red or oatmeal colours, often in a chequerboard pattern. Because these tiles are unglazed and porous they will need to be sealed with a penetrating sealer.


Slate pavers were used on early Victorian houses in various sizes and colours. While the Victorians enjoyed embellishment, colour and pattern, the use of slate pavers can give weight and elegance to a verandah.


There’s no place quite like yours

Typically, a tessellated floor will consist of the following elements:

Patternborder,filler component, and coping stones which are an additional component to verandahs. They are usually bullnose bluestone, but can also be slate.

It’s best to consider all of these elements as you look through our collection. To provide an accurate quote, we’ll need to calculate the correct quantities of each element to the dimensions of your project; ensuring everything comes together structurally and aesthetically. We look forward to discussing the best approach and price for your project.