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Frequently Asked Questions


Do our tiles need to be sealed?

No, we do not recommend sealing our fully vitrified porcelain tiles.

How long will my verandah last?

Original Victorian verandahs are still in good condition. Typically the sub base disintegrates before the tiles. With modern methods of construction there is no reason why your verandah should not last for longer than the original Victorian verandahs.

Why do I need bluestone coping stones?

While the tiles are extremely hard, they are also brittle. Tiles laid to the edge will chip, especially if heavy objects are rolled over them. This is why we always recommend bluestone coping stones.

Do I need to have fall in my shower before tiling?

Yes, you need a fall towards the drain. When we do the layout we allow for this.

Can I use the same tiles for floor and wall?

There is no reason why you can’t use the same tiles for floor and walls.

How do I calculate the area of tiling required?

Easiest way is to send us the measurements of your verandah, we will then make an allowance for coping stones, filler tiles and borders, so we can give you the most accurate quote.

How thick are your tiles?

Our tiles are 8 mm thick.